Become a ReThinker

Are you interested in being a ReThinker at the Volunteer Programme for Aarhus 2017? Then sign up here.

At the moment, we have not got concrete volunteer jobs, but we can assure you that we need you if you wish to join! We wish to include and to involve our volunteers in this major project, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

During 2015 and 2016 different opportunities, venues and events take place, and thus also the concrete volunteer jobs. You are always welcome to contact our volunteer-coordinator Ulla Lund if you are full of engagement or feel the passion for great work and enjoy showing a lot of initiative.…or maybe just want to give a hand once in a while.

Nice to know
In 2017, Aarhus and Central Denmark Region are chosen to be European Capital of Culture. We often call it “Aarhus 2017”, and sometimes just ”2017” or “European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017". Favourite children have many names!

The essential thing about European Capital of Culture is that it is a project in the entire region; Aarhus just puts its name on it.

The theme of Aarhus 2017 is ‘Let’s Rethink’. This theme creates a large room for interpretation and a huge bouquet of projects, concerts, theatre, events, literature, conferences and so on. The common denominator is ‘Let’s Rethink’.

In other words: Aarhus 2017 shows how we are able to develop ourselves and our society, rethinking the challenges of tomorrow through art and culture.

It’s great fun and quite challenging to rethink. Just try to rethink your relationship with your boss, your partner, the way you are planning the holiday or the way you brush your teeth. We can all join the movement – and everybody can be a volunteer at Aarhus 2017.

We look forward hearing from you – and please help us spread the message: You can be a volunteer at Aarhus 2017.