Our values

We have set our minds on three core values: SUSTAINABILITY, DIVERSITY AND DEMOCRACY. We examine these values and set them in play in a number of cross current demonstrations, experiments and prototypes.

When we speak about SUSTAINABILITY we mean both for the environment and society and find that they are in a symbiotic relationship to each other. Denmark is built upon natural resources and natural energies and we need the sustainable business, skills, innovation, research and experimentation to keep, grow and protect our economic edge and our natural wonders.

Download Aarhus Sustainability Model

When we look to DIVERSITY we think of other cultures but we should also consider those within our own society who need different opportunities to live alongside the mainstream and we find that tolerance combined with innovative ideas about future living perhaps hold some of the answers.

DEMOCRACY in the Danish context marries to that very Danish attribute of collectivity and cooperation. The collective effort, working together, deciding together, delivering together with a common approach to solving problems, to socialising, to planning futures is the bedrock upon which our year is built.

DEMOCRACY is the core principle that underpins all. In a society that balances its secularism with its historical religious teachings, and in a year that also re-examines the Lutheran Reformation we ask important questions about the role of religion in a contemporary society.  

And of course we celebrate fun, the "folkelig" traditions and the newest that culture can provide in Art, Theatre, Dance, Music and artisanal practices like Gastronomy, Architecture and Design. We have spectacle and speculations. The Celebrations, Contemplations and Provocations.

Aarhus 2017 is rich in its breadth and depth. What we create today we hope will be useful tomorrow.