Summer with Aarhus 2017 - Highlights

Summer is full of fantastic Aarhus 2017 experiences. See an overview of the many highlights below:

Callum Morton: Sisyphus 1st July - 27th August 
Internationally acclaimed artist, Callum Morton, devises a sculptural commission for the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad that draws on its rich history as a health facility, a refugee camp and a bunkered site of Nazi occupation.

Marie Koldkjær Højlund & Morten Riis: 4140 Voices 1st July - 1st September
The sound piece 4140 Voices is a composition written especially for the memorial monument at Mindeparken, Aarhus. The material is based on recordings of citizens of Aarhus reciting the names of the 4140 Danish soldiers who fell during the First World War. Part of The Overheard.

Aarhus Jazz Festival 15th - 22nd July 
Aarhus Jazz Festival features more than 300 concerts at music venues, cafés and art museums, in churches and in city squares. This year‘s programme showcases artists of international renown such as Jamie Cullum, who will perform with acclaimed big band Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, as well as a whole string of local and national artists.

EUTOPIA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is a multicultural festival that is all about meetings. Meeting art, meeting each other, meeting other cultures, meeting the known, meeting the unknown, and, most importantly, meeting oneself through eye-opening experiences. What could be a more natural setting for such meetings than Gellerup, where more than 80 nationalities live in close proximity?

The Garden - The Present and The Future Continues until 30th July 
The PRESENT will take place across the city of Aarhus and will focus on current artistic investigations into nature’s status in society and its role in the new global situation characterised by massive demographic changes, diaspora, immigration, and the movement of global capital.
The FUTURE will be presented along 4 km of coast as a series of outdoor installations. It will unravel the new challenges faced by man on the threshold of the anthropocene age, an era that punctures our nostalgic picture of man’s special relationship to nature, with nature as a passive Romantic entity.

Climate Planet Continues until 13th August 
CLIMATE PLANET consists of a gigantic globe – measuring 24 metres in diameter and standing 20 metres tall, it is higher than a 5-storey building. Inside, a smaller globe takes visitors on a climate journey through Earth’s past, present and future in a 40-minute show for children and adults alike.

The Garden - The Past Continues until 10th September 
The ARoS Art Museum stages its inaugural ARoS Triennial, THE GARDEN – End of Times; Beginning of Times. The PAST will explore the landscape tradition and depiction of nature viewed through the lens of art and the history of ideas, presented at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. The basis of the exhibition will be the Baroque garden architecture of the mid-1600s, as well as German Romanticism in the early 1800s, the breakthrough of Modernism at the beginning of the 20th century and Land Art of the 1960s.

All summer: 
Socle du Monde 2017 - at HEART Herning Museum of Contemporary Art
Piero Manzoni had the ‘Socle du Monde‘ forged in 1961, when he visited Herning for the second time, making the whole world his work of art. With a star-studded team of internationally recognised artists and curators, the 2017 biennale challenges Manzoni‘s boundary-pushing artistic universe in both a contemporary and a historical perspective. Manzoni‘s art, which deals with themes such as identity, spirit, body, space and time, is the starting point that binds together the entire biennale.

The Aarhus Story - at Den Gamle By 
The Aarhus Story allows the audience to time travel through the history of Aarhus from its Viking beginnings to its contemporary situation. Aarhus residents, their guests and tourists visiting the city can get an overview of its history and also an understanding of the special features that have made Aarhus the city it is today.  

The amazing Life-boats, crafted by legendary Norwegian artist, Marit Benthe Norheim, will make their way around the coastal waters of Denmark during 2017. Each sculpture has its own identity and narrative. The individual titles are: My ship is loaded with Longing, with Life and with Memories. The audience will be able to go on board and experience the installations within the sculptures, with music composed by Norwegian composer Geir Johnson. During summer, Life-boats will visit cities along Jutland's east coast and Funen: Hov, Horsens, Juelsminde, Fredericia, Middelfart, Sønderborg, Gråsten, Aabenraa, Haderslev, Vejle, Aarhus and Ebeltoft. You can also meet the three Life-boats at Papirøen in Copenhagen during summer.

The Journey - at Moesgaard Museum 
The journey is more than just a movie, more than just an exhibition. It is a three-dimensional, sensual and visual experience that questions the space we all share in order to find the basic conditions for being human. 

NB: always remember to check the varying opening hours for each individual event.