Summer with Aarhus 2017 - Families and children

Summer is full of fantastic Aarhus 2017 experiences. See an overview of the many exciting events for families and children below:

The Touring Beach Chef's 10th - 30th July
Every day from Monday July 10 until Sunday July 31 “The Mobile Beach Cooks” will visit a public beach near Aarhus. “Rethink Urban Habitats” and “Smag på Aarhus” projects under the Natural History Museum of Aarhus and the Municipality of Aarhus offers edible nature experiences in the shallows. 

My Playground - Randers Continues until 19th July 
My Playground is an innovative and poetic answer to the playscape of the future. A place for everyone, where you will want to stop and explore, and where your curiosity will be rewarded. A place for casual meetings where the focus is on socializing. At My Playground you set your own limits, you trust your gut feeling and test yourself. You use your senses and let yourself feel your way in a dense fog and follow evocative sound images. 

Cirkus Summarum 21st July - 6th August 
Circus Summarum is a unique show where your heroes from DR Ramasjang put on a staggering circus performance with song, dance, magic and poetry. The music is played by the DR Big Band, the world‘s best circus orchestra. Whether you are a child, an adult, or somewhere in between, Circus Summarum is a hilarious, moving experience that you can participate in as a family.

 26th - 30th July 
EUTOPIA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is a multicultural festival that is all about meetings. Meeting art, meeting each other, meeting other cultures, meeting the known, meeting the unknown, and, most importantly, meeting oneself through eye-opening experiences. What could be a more natural setting for such meetings than Gellerup, where more than 80 nationalities live in close proximity?

Alien On Board Continues until 29th July
A handcrafted puppetry performance for just three audience members at a time combining shadow puppetry, original soundscapes and a strange little Martian.

Climate Planet
 Continues until 13th August 
CLIMATE PLANET consists of a gigantic globe – measuring 24 metres in diameter and standing 20 metres tall, it is higher than a 5-storey building. Inside, a smaller globe takes visitors on a climate journey through Earth’s past, present and future in a 40-minute show for children and adults alike.

Rethink Religion - Tracking The Reformation in Viborg Continues until 6th August
Over the summer season, Viborg Museum launches the event Rethink Religion – tracking the Reformation in Viborg. Six information doors will be placed in urban spaces in Viborg, Karup, Stoholm, and Bjerringbro. Each door has a theme based on the symbolism of the Luther rose and Viborg’s Reformation history. 

Culture by Bike: Ticket To Ride Continues until 31st August 
Ride the Red Route! Looking for a way to get the true Danish Experience? Try Culture by Bike! The Danish bicycle tradition is a crucial part of Danish culture. Culture By Bike is a unique opportunity to experience 450 km of some of the most beautiful scenery and special cultural offerings while you enjoy life on the road.  

Made In Europe - Danish Bacon on the Motorways Continues until 3rd September
Made in Europe – Danish bacon on the motorways is a play exhibition for children aged 6-12. The exhibition focuses on the basic conditions of industrial society, and through play children will experience how goods are transported across Europe. The play exhibition is built around a game where children can compete against each other to score the most points.

NB: always remember to check the varying opening hours for each individual event.