Summer with Aarhus 2017 - around the region

Summer is full of fantastic Aarhus 2017 experiences. See an overview of the many exciting events in Central Denmark Region below:

Callum Morton: Sisyphus 1st July - 27th August 
Internationally acclaimed artist, Callum Morton, devises a sculptural commission for the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad that draws on its rich history as a health facility, a refugee camp and a bunkered site of Nazi occupation.

Museum in Reverse 1st July - 1st September 
Hygum Art Museum is an experiment in the museum concept. In 2017 the museum will be turned inside out, figuratively speaking. Everything that is inside of the museum comes outside and everything that is outside comes in. A milestone is set and a new era begins in Hygum. 

Rethink Museums - Travelling Through Time and Space 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd July
Experience a journey out of the ordinary, when you travel by train in Central Jutland Region. "Travelling through time and space" creates a sensory train journey, where historical events that have taken place in the countryside just outside the window, are brought back to life.

Lobster Days on the island of Anholt 4th - 6th July 
Love the langoustine? Then this one’s for you! 'Lobster Days on the Island of Anholt' is a tribute to and celebration of this unique local food, the Danish langoustine, caught in the waters around Anholt. Part of European Region of Gastronomy 2017.

My Playground - Randers Continues until 19th July 
My Playground is an innovative and poetic answer to the playscape of the future. A place for everyone, where you will want to stop and explore, and where your curiosity will be rewarded. A place for casual meetings where the focus is on socializing. At My Playground you set your own limits, you trust your gut feeling and test yourself. You use your senses and let yourself feel your way in a dense fog and follow evocative sound images. 

The Dark Tower: Artist Talk with Astrid Gjesing and Sisse Lunøe 30th July
The Dark Tower is a work of sound and light, created for the South Harbour at Hvide Sande. Meet the artists behind the artwork.

Connecting: Summer exhibition at Gaia Academy Continues until 5th August 
‘Outsider Art’ is a phenomenon that arises where you least expect it. It is art created by people on the edge of an assumed, social norm and manifests as an output of inherent and instinctive creativity. The international exhibition, Connecting, will create opportunities for contemplation by all audiences through selecting and displaying outsider art. 

Rethink Religion - Tracking The Reformation in Viborg Continues until 6th August
Over the summer season, Viborg Museum launches the event Rethink Religion – tracking the Reformation in Viborg. Six information doors will be placed in urban spaces in Viborg, Karup, Stoholm, and Bjerringbro. Each door has a theme based on the symbolism of the Luther rose and Viborg’s Reformation history. 

From Stavnsager to Constantinople Continues until 13th August 
From Stavnsager to Constantinople tells the exciting and previously unknown story of the relationship between a small village in eastern Jutland and the mighty metropolis of Constantinople 1,500 years ago. 

Birgit Õigus: Forest Megaphones Continues until 20th August 
Estonian artist Birgit Õigus has created custom-built forest megaphones that function as acoustic amplifiers for the well-known sounds you experience when in the woods. The audience is invited to inhabit the megaphones and listen to the multitude of sounds.  

Culture by Bike: Ticket To Ride Continues until 31st August 
Ride the Red Route! Looking for a way to get the true Danish Experience? Try Culture by Bike! The Danish bicycle tradition is a crucial part of Danish culture. Culture By Bike is a unique opportunity to experience 450 km of some of the most beautiful scenery and special cultural offerings while you enjoy life on the road.  

The Sleepover - insitu Continues until 3rd September 
Enter into a mindset at Viborg Kunsthal, where different kinds of mystical knowledge and beliefs pervaded over today’s version of science. Audiences will be taken on a journey through the mysteries of alchemy, the human faith in the potential for natural materials to hold treasures of incredible power, and one person’s obsessive search for the seemingly impossible.

All summer:
Socle du Monde 2017 - at HEART Herning Museum of Contemporary Art
Piero Manzoni had the ‘Socle du Monde‘ forged in 1961, when he visited Herning for the second time, making the whole world his work of art. With a star-studded team of internationally recognised artists and curators, the 2017 biennale challenges Manzoni‘s boundary-pushing artistic universe in both a contemporary and a historical perspective. Manzoni‘s art, which deals with themes such as identity, spirit, body, space and time, is the starting point that binds together the entire biennale.

The amazing Life-boats, crafted by legendary Norwegian artist, Marit Benthe Norheim, will make their way around the coastal waters of Denmark during 2017. Each sculpture has its own identity and narrative. The individual titles are: My ship is loaded with Longing, with Life and with Memories. The audience will be able to go on board and experience the installations within the sculptures, with music composed by Norwegian composer Geir Johnson. During summer, Life-boats will visit cities along Jutland's east coast and Funen: Hov, Horsens, Juelsminde, Fredericia, Middelfart, Sønderborg, Gråsten, Aabenraa, Haderslev, Vejle, Aarhus and Ebeltoft. You can also meet the three Life-boats at Papirøen in Copenhagen during summer.

Face and Identity - an exhibition at The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad 
Face and Identity investigates what the outer appearance — the face and its staging — can tell us about our sense of self, and the relationship between looks and character. 

Young Glass 2017 - at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft 
The exhibition ‘Young Glass’ is designed to profile young talent and innovators working with contemporary glass processes. The exhibition features work created by a young generation of artists, under 35, from all over the world.

Four ways to approach Norddjurs - Sea, Limestone, Soil and the Market Town 
At Museum Østjylland in Grenaa you will experience a completely renovated cultural history museum with brand new exhibits. The exhibitions tell the history of the northern part of Djursland over the past 10,000 years.

Acclaimed Scottish artist, Nathan Coley, has devised a series of illuminated text works. These ‘fairy light attractions’ link the entire region, spreading from the west to east coasts at a number of key locations selected for their specific context and meaning. Part of Coast to Coast.

Gammel Estrup – The Manor Museum: Exhibitions
All throughout 2017, the permanent exhibitions at Gammel Estrup - The Manor Museum are open to the public, illustrating the lives at the Danish manors and their international relations. The exhibitions comprises of porcelain, tapestries, paintings and portraits, furniture and many more items.

FACE - an exhibition about your face at Museum Silkeborg 
The exhibition surveys the face of the human species, seen in a historical light. It is a meeting with our ancient and contemporary selves. With an enhanced consciousness and new knowledge, everybody will look differently upon their own and other’s faces after visiting the exhibition.

Where there is a Will 
On the day before Christmas 1949, Carl August Lorentzen escaped from his prison cell by crawling through an 18m tunnel, which had taken him nearly a year to dig. In this exhibition, Horsens Museum presents a reconstruction of FÆNGSLET’s best known and most spectacular escape.

The Chinese are coming
The dangerous combination of currents, weather, and people have caused thousands of shipwrecks along the West Coast of Denmark. Using the wrecks as a starting point, we tell fascinating narratives.

Søren Lyngsø Knudsen: Gravitational Vibrations
Danish artist, Søren Lyngsø Knudsen, presents his Gravitational Vibrations – a sound sculpture built around a steel resonance box standing on four legs located in a small lake inside the amazing limestone caves of Mønsted Kalkgruber. Part of The Overheard.

When Threads are tied
In 1638, when Christian Rantzau established a sheep farm northeast of Sunds, near Herning, the local production of quality wool really commenced. Based on an exhibition at Herningsholm about the imperial count, Christian Rantzau, and this fascinating history of wool and fabric making, Museum Midtjylland will elaborate on hosiery making, which became the foundation of the early textile industry in Central Jutland.

Rethink the Agricultural History
This special exhibition examines the agricultural history and rural culture in the Central Denmark Region in a wider European context. New and old stories about agriculture across the region and Europe will be presented to show how Danish agriculture has been influenced by similar cultures abroad. Part of European Region of Gastronomy 2017.

NB: always remember to check the varying opening hours for each individual event.