Summer with Aarhus 2017 - Aarhus

Summer is full of fantastic Aarhus 2017 experiences. See an overview of the many exciting events in Aarhus below:

Marie Koldkjær Højlund & Morten Riis: 4140 Voices 1st July - 1st September
The sound piece 4140 Voices is a composition written especially for the memorial monument at Mindeparken, Aarhus. The material is based on recordings of citizens of Aarhus reciting the names of the 4140 Danish soldiers who fell during the First World War. Part of The Overheard.

Hidden Places: Celestial Agriculture - Delicious Food 10th - 16th July 
In recent years there has been an international trend for creative design related initiatives at urban rooftop terraces, especially initiatives concerning plantings and Urban gardening. We will catch the ball and decorate the rooftop terrace at Europa Plads 16 with little rural idyll with the scent of herbs an and small animals from Topkærgaard.

The Touring Beach Chef's 10th - 30th July
Every day from Monday July 10 until Sunday July 31 “The Mobile Beach Cooks” will visit a public beach near Aarhus. “Rethink Urban Habitats” and “Smag på Aarhus” projects under the Natural History Museum of Aarhus and the Municipality of Aarhus offers edible nature experiences in the shallows. 

Aarhus Jazz Festival 15th - 22nd July 
Aarhus Jazz Festival features more than 300 concerts at music venues, cafés and art museums, in churches and in city squares. This year‘s programme showcases artists of international renown such as Jamie Cullum, who will perform with acclaimed big band Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, as well as a whole string of local and national artists.

Hidden Places: Local History from Skyline 17th - 21st and 24th - 28th July
On the 11th floor roof terrace of the architects’ firm C. F. Møller, from where you can see large parts of the city, we set up three RIG sections, each with four binoculars, that identify a particular building or area in the city and which has an interesting history. At the same time you can listen to an audio tale about this place.

Green Concert 22nd July 
Green Concert has been running for three decades, bringing a festive atmosphere, much pleasure and great music every summer to the young people of Denmark. This year‘s Green Concert features eight of the biggest names around, supported by over 700 volunteers ready to do anything to get the party going. 

EUTOPIA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is a multicultural festival that is all about meetings. Meeting art, meeting each other, meeting other cultures, meeting the known, meeting the unknown, and, most importantly, meeting oneself through eye-opening experiences. What could be a more natural setting for such meetings than Gellerup, where more than 80 nationalities live in close proximity?

Sequin in The Dustrag 28th July 
What is friendship? A vital alliance, a sharing of acts and thoughts, an exercise in freedom. Through sculpture and performance, two British artists bring together an emotional and sincere exploration of friendship.

The Garden - The Present and The Future Continues until 30th July 
The PRESENT will take place across the city of Aarhus and will focus on current artistic investigations into nature’s status in society and its role in the new global situation characterised by massive demographic changes, diaspora, immigration, and the movement of global capital.
The FUTURE will be presented along 4 km of coast as a series of outdoor installations. It will unravel the new challenges faced by man on the threshold of the anthropocene age, an era that punctures our nostalgic picture of man’s special relationship to nature, with nature as a passive Romantic entity.

Sonicark - Wind Pillars Continues until 4th August 
The strong and almost permanent wind on Europaplads is the conductor of all sound performances which feature stored recording pleasures from Aarhus.

Climate Planet Continues until 13th August 
CLIMATE PLANET consists of a gigantic globe – measuring 24 metres in diameter and standing 20 metres tall, it is higher than a 5-storey building. Inside, a smaller globe takes visitors on a climate journey through Earth’s past, present and future in a 40-minute show for children and adults alike.

Roman Signer: Installation Continues until 4th August 
Swiss artist, Roman Signer, is internationally recognized for his sculptures, films, videos and installations. His works explore the relationship between sudden energy releases – transformation, explosions and demolition – and calmness between order and chaos. 

The Garden - The Past Continues until 10th September 
The ARoS Art Museum stages its inaugural ARoS Triennial, THE GARDEN – End of Times; Beginning of Times. The PAST will explore the landscape tradition and depiction of nature viewed through the lens of art and the history of ideas, presented at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. The basis of the exhibition will be the Baroque garden architecture of the mid-1600s, as well as German Romanticism in the early 1800s, the breakthrough of Modernism at the beginning of the 20th century and Land Art of the 1960s.

All summer: 
Venus Envy - Deborah Kelly at The Women's Museum
The Australian artist, Deborah Kelly, explores ideas of gender, power and privilege and rethinks our understanding of visual culture. Kelly uses familiar and popular-cultural motifs and creates through her unique collage technique a new world of imagery, which is both beautiful and disturbing. With the exhibition VENUS ENVY, Kelly reinterprets the central figure of Western art: the female nude model.

Ovartaci Fields - at Business Park Skejby
The Ovartaci Museum will open by exhibiting samples of works from its art collection at companies and institutions in The Business Park. Large scale iconic and visionary figures by Ovartaci will rise as landmarks. Guided tours will be conducted over several months and concentrated over specific weekends. 

Rethink Urban Habitats: Habitat: Aarhus 
Habitat:Aarhus is a large outdoor photo exhibition about nature in the city of Aarhus. The exhibition is made up of 100 great photos, which will open the eyes of the audience to the vast amount of life that lives everywhere in Aarhus. 

The Aarhus Story - at Den Gamle By 
The Aarhus Story allows the audience to time travel through the history of Aarhus from its Viking beginnings to its contemporary situation. Aarhus residents, their guests and tourists visiting the city can get an overview of its history and also an understanding of the special features that have made Aarhus the city it is today. 

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec: Oui 
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec from France are major figures of contemporary international design. At Kunsthal Aarhus Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec will present a series of new outdoor sitting installations co-produced with Kvadrat. They will function as meeting places in the park of Kunsthal Aarhus.

The Jewellery Box 
Den Gamle By presents an extraordinary exhibition of 20th century Danish silver jewellery selected from 950 items in the unique Marion and Jörg Schwandt collection.
The exhibition provides a comprehensive picture of the national and international trends of the 20th century that influenced the art of Danish jewellers and helped make Denmark and Danish applied arts famous across the world.

Gender Blender - at The Women's Museum 
What does gender denote in our society? Why do I play with cars instead of dolls? What does it mean to be transgender? What is normality? What is gender neutral? How do I feel about my body? What is gender equality? Is gender equality actual?

NB: always remember to check the varying opening hours for each individual event.