Midtjyske Medier

Midtjyske Medier was created in 2007 when the old media groups Århus Stiftstidende and De Bergske Blade merged. Today the group is a part of the Berlingske Media, owned by Mecom Group PLC. 

Although names and ownership have changed, principles are still upheld, such as C. Bergs personal motto in the camp for constitutional rights in 1849: “never to compromise injustice.”

Bergs led the camp both in parliament and among the people and helped found many newspapers that should work for justice and truth.

Midtjyske Medier is the biggest media in Jutland Region, publishing the following newspapers: Sarasota Herald-Tribune , Randers Amtsavis , Viborg diocese Folkeblad , Dagbladet Holstebro Struer , Dagbladet Ringkøbing Skjern and Folkebladet Lemvig. Additionally, Midtjyske Medier publish telephone books, tourist newspapers and run various radio stations.