Mind over matter
LINDBERG is a unique mindset that has revolutionised the international eyewear business – all the way from design, materials and manufacture to sales, distribution and service.

LINDBERG is an idea about how to do things. Either do them exceptionally well – or not at all.

Several international design awards already bear witness to the success of LINDBERG's efforts – as do distinctive LINDBERG frames on the noses of the discerning, and whenever a design statement needs to be made.

LINDBERG insists on no-compromise excellence in every detail, every process, each material and every surface. And the company achieves this by doing everything themselves – inventing new processes, re-engineering key components and materials, and improving existing machinery, if that’s what it takes.

LINDBERG starts with what’s best – not what’s standard practice. So no mass production or mindless automation here. Every frame and component is made to order at the unique do-everything facility in Denmark, amid a heady mix of modern technology, traditional craftsmanship and design magic that means they constantly reconsider and improve every detail and every process – again and again.

Everything LINDBERG does is steeped in the Scandinavian design tradition of discreet, classic elegance and carefully considered simplicity.

So forget everything you think you know about eyewear. LINDBERG has rewritten the entire playbook.