FO-Aarhus is a socioeconomic enterprise offering adult education through a wide range of projects, activities, debates, events and evening school. FO-Aarhus’ mission is to enable the public to take responsibility of their own lives, engage in society and participate in democracy.

FO-Aarhus was founded in 1973 by members of Det Radikale Venstre – The Social Liberal Party – with the object of broadening public enlightenment and working for public acceptance of the ideals of the UN.

Evening school is an important activity with FO-Aarhus. Two times a year FO-Aarhus publishes a catalogue of adult education classes such as foreign languages, history, Danish and foreign literature, psychology, cooking, music, yoga and other bodily exercises.

In cooperation with municipal institutions FO-Aarhus offers counseling and several educational programmes to unemployed citizens, for them to gain more qualifications and be able to return to work. This kind of help along with a number of Danish classes and integrational projects for immigrants and refugees has become a specialisation with FO-Aarhus.

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