Wolf Safari

Part of Little Rebellions
Presented by Other Spaces in co-production with Secret Hotel

The wolf is a creature of myth and legend. Ancient, yet surviving into the 21st century, it links to a primordial time of the hunt and the fight for survival. Wolves are the stuff of fairy tales and nightmares, engendering both fear and fascination. In the participatory performance event, Wolf Safari, participants are transformed into wolves through behavioural exercises. 

By borrowing the gaze of the wolf, and its habits and patterns, you gain new perspectives on this animal, once again part of a newly wild Denmark. Alone in the darkness, you search for your pack. Move with the tribe and use all your senses. Working together, you search out and hunt prey through the city night, as wolves in human bodies. Everybody with ordinary walking ability can participate. The work lasts four hours, including introduction, wolf walk, and end celebration. 

Other Spaces (a finnish art collective)

25. & 26. August 2017, 21.00 to 01.00

Brobjergskolen, Aarhus