The Sleepover: Rethinking Art Institutions

Presented by Viborg Kunsthal

Visit Viborg Kunsthal in 2017, when three groundbreaking exhibitions focus on rethinking the art institution, the exhibition concept and networking. During 2016 and 2017, individual artists, groups of artists and curators will stay in the residency at Viborg Kunsthal. Reflecting on the concept of the Kunsthalle they will develop new ways of thinking about the manner in which art institutions generate projects and audience engagement.

At the same time, the residency will be used as an incubator for creating new ideas and concepts. The Swedish/Danish artist Andreas Emenius, the European network In Situ, and the Scottish visual arts organisation The Common Guild take over the exhibition rooms at Viborg Kunsthal with their new ideas.

From March and happening all year

Viborg Kunsthal