The Motor Company

Presented by Den Gamle By

In August 2017, Den Gamle By will open The Motor Company – a car dealer with a garage from the 1920s, where visitors can see two of the popular cars from the period: a Ford T and a Citroën 'Cloverleaf'.

The Motor Company will sell and repair cars, fix bicycles and renovate engines. The number of cars in Denmark rose from just under 5,000 in 1915 to 75,000 in 1927, and cars were no longer simply exotic toys for rich people. They were a means of transport and changed the streetscape in Denmark for good.

The exibition will be located in a brand new building inspired by the Hillerød Motor Co. building from 1927. It will have space for three cars and a workshop where museum visitors can see workbenches, old engines, car parts – and whatever else belongs in a proper workshop.

August - permanent

Den Gamle By