The Journey

Presented by Moesgaard Museum and Filmby Aarhus

An international filmic exhibition about the basic terms of humanity. All of us – despite our differences across time and space, cultures and civilisations – carry something fundamentally human. Something we cannot disclaim. Something we cannot avoid facing and living through.

The journey takes the audience into a physical landscape placed in the middle of Moesgaard Museum. Through a visual tale, that takes place on the seven continents, the story of humanity’s journey between the two extremities of birth and death is told. From a baby’s first breath in Denmark, we are taken to the life’s love in Africa, to belief in South America, fear in Oceania, loss in North America and finally to the realisation at the South Pole that the last breath is inevitable which is then taken in Asia before the body is burnt.

The journey is more than just a movie, more than just an exhibition. It is a three-dimensional, sensual and visual experience that questions the space we all share in order to find the basic conditions for being human.

Produced by Zentropa Film. Directed and written by Christoffer Boe. 

25th April - 26th November

Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus