The Dark Tower

Presented by Astrid Gjesing and Sisse Lunøe

The Dark Tower is a work of sound and light, created for the South Harbour at Hvide Sande.

The Dark Tower is made of wood in an open construction that allows you to stand inside the tower and listen to the sound. From the top of the tower a strong light shines outwards.

The light goes from time to time out and the sound begins. The sound is based on the SOS signal and is created from recordings of the human voice.

The sea can be rough and many ships – small and big – have been lost to the sea.

The Dark Tower is about the sea, about fear and hope. It is about shipwrecks, where people drown, due to the overwhelming forces of nature and human greed. 

30th April – 27th August

Hvide Sande Harbour