The Aarhus Story

Presented by Den Gamle By

The Aarhus Story allows the audience to time travel through the history of Aarhus from its Viking beginnings to its contemporary situation. Aarhus residents, their guests and tourists visiting the city can get an overview of its history and also an understanding of the special features that have made Aarhus the city it is today.

The Aarhus Story will show the city's chronological development: the Viking Age settlement; the medieval market town; the expansion and rapid growth of Aarhus in the era of industrialisation; and the last 60 years of growth in all areas. The Aarhus Story uses scale models and selected key artefacts, cinematic effects, sounds and smells; engravings, photos, films and interactive games to tell the story of the city.

Visitors will learn more about the city, see new connections and have fun together.

Den Gamle By, Aarhus

12th April – permanent