Song Dong: Collaborations

Presented by Kunsthal Aarhus

For 2017, Kunsthal Aarhus presents the major solo exhibition, 'Collaborations', by renowned Chinese artist, Song Dong, which begins with making an edible replica of the City of Aarhus and a public performance where citizens of Aarhus will be able to – literally – eat a large scale model of the city made from biscuits.

Alongside his exhibition and the public performance, 'Eating the City', Song Dong will develop his public art commission – an architectural installation entitled ‘The Centre of the World’, located in the garden of Kunsthal Aarhus. The new public artwork, based on the essential concept of a Chinese Temple, aims to provide an architectural platform for civic participation at the centre of the city, and thus, according to the artist, position Aarhus at the centre of the world.

Song Dong sees the project as an extension of hospitality by inviting people to a shared space to exchange ideas and to offer a platform for free speech.

1st September - 29th October

Kunsthal Aarhus