Jenny Holzer and Christian Lemmerz: LUST

Part of Seven Deadly Sins
Presented by Randers Museum of Art 

As part of the Seven Deadly Sins series, Randers Art Museum has invited legendary American artist, Jenny Holzer, and acclaimed Danish artist, Christian Lemmerz, to rethink the sin of Lust.

The exhibition focuses on Lust as intense desire and uncontrolled sexual obsession, which can lead to adultery, rape, bestiality, and other unnatural and immoral sexual acts.

Conceptual artist Jenny Holzer and sculptor Christian Lemmerz explore the interrelation between desire, violence and aggression, between lust and murder. Jenny Holzer’s Lustmord focuses on rape, murder and frenzy as a war strategy, while Lemmerz’ transcending sculptures and drawings explore the close relationship between death and sexuality.

4th February – 28th May

Randers Art Museum