Barbara Kruger: GLUTTONY

Part of Seven Deadly Sins
Presented by Museum of Religious Art, Lemvig

With the deadly sin, Gluttony, as a starting point, renowned American artist, Barbara Kruger, creates a special site-specific installation for the Museum of Religious Art. During the Middle Ages the Seven Deadly Sins were considered vices, and Gluttony was connected with excessive eating and drinking.

Wasteful people allowed themselves to consume without thinking of satiety. From a contemporary point of view Kruger rethinks Gluttony with consumerism as a central theme.

Kruger's use of the visual language of graphic texts, photography, pictures and the direct address tactics of advertising offers a critical reflection on cultural and social identity, and on how they are formed and demonstrated through consumption.

Supported by the Obel Family Foundation and 15. Juni Foundation

5th February – 28th May

'Sinful Sunday' 30th April

Museum of Religious Art, Lemvig