Sculpture City Selde 2017

Presented by The Fursund District Association

Sculpture City Selde 2017 is a new platform for video art. Artists will engage with the people of Selde as the subject and material for their video productions, which will be exhibited in Selde’s public areas for three months. The project aims to explore and experiment with the possibilities of video art. Ten invited international artists and art students visit the city in 2016 to commence their site specific research and preparatory work.

The international artists bring something unique to the city and the citizens, something that we have yet to discover and which will contribute a new understanding to the project and the city. Featuring the works of Elina Brotherus (FIN), Bodil Furu (N), Jette Ellgaard (DK), Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen (DK), Jette Gejl Kristensen (DK) and others.

Ongoing - 21st December 2017

Selde, Skive