Roman Signer

Presented by Kunsthal Aarhus and Kvadrat

Swiss artist, Roman Signer, is internationally recognized for his sculptures, films, videos and installations. His works explore the relationship between sudden energy releases – transformation, explosions and demolition – and calmness between order and chaos.

These 'action' sculptures involve setting up, carrying out, and recording disruptive experiments. The aesthetic results appear with a twist that makes them difficult to put into one specific category of art history. In the works there are often remnants and references to performance, land art and minimal art. Kunsthal Aarhus is proud to present this unique contemporary artist and his works for the first time in Denmark.

Signer will show both new and existing works, including films and sculptural works at Kunsthal Aarhus and two commissioned permanent outdoor sculptures at the Kvadrat headquarters in Ebeltoft.

Supported by the Obel Family Foundation and 15. Juni Foundation

June 16th - August 13th

Kunsthal Aarhus