Rethinking Agricultural History

Presented by Det Grønne Museum

This special exhibition examines the agricultural history andrural culture in the mid-Jutland region in a wider European context. New and old stories about agriculture across the regionand Europe will be presented to show how Danish agriculturehas been influenced by similar cultures abroad. Some of thestories in the exhibition will highlight the position of Danishproduce in Europe, showcasing some of the biggest and most important Danish companies that have their headquarters in mid-Jutland. There will be stories from past and present about ‘kartoffeltyskere’, the cultivation of the heathland, animalshows, agricultural schools, farmers’ gatherings, an examination of agricultural cooperatives (Arla, Danish Crown), the famous ‘Karolinekoen’, and much more.

2nd March – 12th November

Det Grønne Museum, Norddjurs