Ovartaci Fields

Presented by Museum Ovartaci

Louis Marcussen, known as Ovartaci, was a painter who was confined to a mental hospital for 56 years, from 1929 until his death at the age of 91.

The overall objective of ‘Ovartaci Fields’ is to open up the mindset of business people, students and researchers – in fact everybody – to art and its role in improving the creative lives of people with mental illness. It also aims at a broader vision in the field of commerce by making the Ovartaci Museum the icon of Business Park Skejby.

The Ovartaci Museum will open by exhibiting samples of works from its art collection at companies and institutions in The Business Park. Large scale iconic and visionary figures by Ovartaci will rise as landmarks. Guided tours will be conducted over several months and concentrated over specific weekends.

In the late summer of 2017, events will be staged in connection with the opening of the Light Rail which has its terminus in Skejby. From May until end of the year, the programme will include art events, concerts, lectures and visits to companies.

10th May until end of the year

Skejby, Aarhus