Our Village in Europe

Presented by Glud Museum

Glud Museum tells the story of the past 350 years of country life in Eastern Jutland. Our local heritage interpreter will guide pupils from schools in the Hedensted Municipality on an exploration of nature and history in and around their villages, to explore three periods of history: 1800 The Oldest Village; 1800-1950 The Cooperative Village; and 1950-2016 The Present Village.

Historical background material will be used as a starting point for student work in which they consider the future of their village. The students will observe the natural heritage of their village, and recover strands of village history. They will learn about the influence from Europe and the larger world to better understand place, and the degree of self-sufficiency and the spirit of community that persists in the village. The results of this study and learning experiment will be exhibited at Glud Museum.

17th June – 31st August

Glud Museum, Hedensted

Children, young people and families