‘O’ Space

‘O’ Space is a contemporary art and video exhibition gallery created by Aarhus 2017. During the year it will feature works by significant local and international artists. It will be a launch pad for national and world premieres and represents a platform for a series of thought-inspiring installations. ‘O’ Space is situated in the heart of Aarhus at the industrial port area. A place off the beaten path to most until now. We are pleased to show people this lesser known territory, a maritime and industrial jungle to be explored and marvelled with a rich rich history. Built in concrete form-work, raw and unpolished, the original architecture is celebrated, and honoured and built upon. ‘O' Space is an intersection of past, present and future.

The opening hours vary between exhibitions, please see the different exhibitions below for the opening hours. 

All exhibitions at 'O' Space are free. You can follow the latest news on 'O' Space on Facebook.

Disability access: Yes

Hashtag: #ospace2017

The gallery ’O’ Space is supported by Det Obelske Familiefond.

Opening hours
Mondays: closed 
Tuesday: 11 - 19
Wednesday: 11 - 19
Thursday: 11 - 21
Friday: 11 - 19
Weekends: 11 - 17

Exhibitions at 'O' Space
11th November - 10th December
Angelica Mesiti - Mother Tongue

Completed exhibitions
10th March - 15th April 
Julian Rosefeldt - Manifesto 

22nd April - 21st May
Jasmina Cibic -  A Shining City On A Hill

3rd June - 30th July
The Garden

10th August - 3rd September
Anohni: Future Feminism

9th September - 5th October
Mikhail Karikis - Chalk Factory

13th October - 21st October
New Danish Modern

27th -29th October - The Big Little Film Festival
The keeper of small things