Marit Benthe Norheim: LIFE-BOATS

An Aarhus 2017 Commission

The amazing LIFE-BOATS, crafted by legendary Norwegian artist, Marit Benthe Norheim, will make their way around the coastal waters of Jutland during 2016 and 2017. Embarking on their epic travels from the Limfjord, these mythical vessels, bearing the personages of wonderful women, follow individual routes and appear in harbours and fjords across the nation before leaving our waters to sail to other European destinations.

This special Aarhus 2017 commission provides a memorable experience for all who are lucky enough to encounter the goddesses. Each sculpture has its own identity and narrative. The individual titles are: My ship is loaded with Longing, with Life and with Memories. The audience will be able to go on board and experience the installations within the sculptures. LIFE-BOATS is a major work that has taken more than 8 years to realise. The building and organizing process has involved several hundred volunteers along with the artist and the employees in her studio.

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From June 2016

Various municipalities across the region and across Europe