Life at the Fjord

Presented by Museum Østjylland

A major exhibition, Life at the Fjord, will provide a spectacular reinterpretation of ancient history in the area around Randers Fjord. The exhibition looks at ancient times with brand new eyes and is aimed at anyone who would like a different encounter with their ancestors. Filled with experiences for all the senses, guests will have the opportunity to pause and go deeper into historical knowledge.

Some of the most amazing Danish archaeological finds from The Stone Age, including the world-renowned Mejlgård kitchen midden and uniquely beautiful jewellery from The Iron Age, are shown. One can also meet the 'woman from the bog', the Auning Woman, whose 2000-year-old dress is exceptionally well preserved.

The exhibition includes the remarkable 'runic stone', its revealing and ancient codes made visible and legible through interactive means to deliver a message from the Viking Age.

7th October - permanent

Museum Østjylland, Randers