Presented by Museum Jorn

Two of the greatest Scandinavian artists meet in Silkeborg, when Museum Jorn presents the exhibition JORN + MUNCH.

This amazing exhibition occurs as a result of a unique collaboration with the Munch Museum in Oslo. It is now possible to place Asger Jorn’s art side by side with iconic works by Edvard Munch. Jorn and Munch belong to different generations, yet both dealt with the human condition in modern society.

This major exhibition demonstrates that there is an artistic kinship between them in terms of how they dramatize the great themes of life – death, fear and dreams. The exhibition at Museum Jorn includes 50 works by Edvard Munch and more than 60 works by Asger Jorn.

11th February – 28th May

Museum Jorn, Silkeborg