Image Storm: Blasphemy, Gender and Otherness

Presented by The Museum of Religious Art, Lemvig, The Women’s Museum, Aarhus and The Skovgaard Museum, Viborg

Images can provoke, challenge taboos, be censored – and images can be destroyed. This is called Iconoclasm. Commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Image Storm will examine how and why certain images were outlawed, destroyed or made taboo because of their religious, political, sexual or ethnic content.

The exhibition presents over 150 works of art by historical and contemporary artists from the Reformation until today and explores the persistence of controversy, censorship and the disputes created by art and Iconoclasm. The exhibition, Image Storm, is curated into three themes and shown at the participating museums simultaneously.

28th September – 30th December

Museum of Religious Art, Lemvig
Women’s Museum, Aarhus
Skovgaard Museum, Viborg