Human Ecology // Images in the Anthropocene: A European Art Laboratory and Residency

Presented by The Independent AIR

We live in a moment of history where the planet and its ecosystem have been disturbed by the actions of the human species –the so-called Anthropocene. The impacts on the environment, our resources, the social fabric and our natural habitat are clear.

The artistic platform, The Independent AIR, will address the human disturbance of the earth’s ecosystem by focusing on artistic activism that engages and communicates the environmental and social reality to a wider audience. The Independent AIR will create synergies and inspire an exploration of values leading to the development of new approaches, through photographic projects, dialogue, debates and symposiums, artists' talks and an exhibition in 2017.

5 young international photographers and lens-based artists have lived and worked together at The Independent AIR's laboratory and residency programme in Portugal for 6 months. Forging connections between various disciplines, the laboratory invited both professional and emerging artists, scientists and researchers to come together to work, discuss and illustrate some of the complex issues related to the Anthropocene.

The independent AIR pursues social and environmental sustainability: in daily choices, resources, transportation and use of materials.

August / September

Aarhus and Silkeborg