Hesitation of Light

Presented by Signe Klejs and Godsbanen

Signe Klejs has created a spectacular work of art by illuminating Aarhus’ iconic Cityring Bridge, which links the city across the long railway line towards southwest, as a gate to the City of Aarhus. Every night the sunset is filmed, and the evening’s unique play of colours is analysed and projected – with a few hours’ delay – onto the bridge’s concrete structure.

Some 200 lamps placed meticulously on the bridge ensure that each day’s new colour palette gradually starts glowing as twilight falls. Clothed in nature’s colours, the bridge enters into a new visual dialogue with the landscape and the surrounding urban space of Aarhus K, an area undergoing exciting development.

Hesitation of Light takes its name from the discovery, in 1675, by Aarhus astronomer Ole Rømer, that light travels at a speed – he called the discovery The Hesitation of Light. This piece of art takes light, makes it hesitate, and brings a completely new meaning to Ole Rømer’s concept.

12. January and 6 years onwards

Ringgadebroen, Aarhus