Presented by Museum Silkeborg

It is amazing to see the miraculously well-preserved face of the ancient Tollund Man. Conserved and solidified for all time by the bog, his black fossilized face, with its clear definitions, fascinates us as we encounter time through stilled biology.

FACE poses the question: what makes the ‘sleeping’ body’s face so interesting? Indeed, what is it about faces in general that we find so intriguing, or attractive? What can faces tell us about the world, about time, and about ourselves? The ‘face’ houses our senses; it absorbs impressions of the world, and in turn expresses something about its bearer.

The exhibition surveys the face of the human species, seen in a historical light. It is a meeting with our ancient and contemporary selves. With an enhanced consciousness and new knowledge, everybody will look differently upon their own and other’s faces after visiting the exhibition.

6th May – 22nd October

Museum Silkeborg