Equal – Different – Similar: Equality for All

Presented by the Women’s Museum

What is equality? Do we have equality? What does it really mean to be born a woman, a man or someone between? What does it mean to be transgender? What is normal? Denmark is the first nation to remove the categorization of transgender from the register of illness, and Danes are known in Europe as highly liberal people with equality as a stated and common value pursued throughout society.

In 2017 the Women’s Museum expands upon these ideas and welcomes visitors to a wide range of exhibitions and events with a strong and entertaining focus on all aspects of the gender discussion. In a dynamic exhibition about the impact of gender issues on society, the audience is engaged with and encouraged to have their say in matters concerning this evolution of our species. The concept will involve all types of gender in a variety of demonstrations, debates and workshops.

During the year 2017 the Museum will have a fully packed event programme, including a gender festival, a celebration of International Women’s Day, a Men Only event and a fabulous Queer Party. The Women’s Museum wants to create curiosity, dialogue, reflection and knowledge about the importance of gender – historically, currently and into the future.

8th – 10th March

The Women’s Museum, Aarhus

Young people and adults