Eglè Budvytytè - Shakers, Lovers and Bystanders

An Aarhus 2017 Commission and Part of Little Rebellions
Presented by Aarhus 2017

In collaboration with Bart Groenendaal

Shakers, Lovers and Bystanders is a new, raw and vulnerable choreographic performance created especially for Aarhus 2017. 

Critically acclaimed Lithuanian artist Eglè Budvytytè creates performance situations to explore the relationship between body, structure, environment and audience. Using choreographic tactics, Budvytyté arranges ensembles of people to enact actions that can often seem contradictory to their surroundings, uncannily out of context and sometimes filled with a sense of emergency. She explores movements such as dragging, slumping, unison running, and gestures to expose vulnerabilities and contra-emotional states, and to exchange these between her performers and the audience. 

As a part of Little Rebellions, Budvytytè creates a choreography with expressive gestures that explore how seizures and bodily shaking create a vulnerable presence in the public space.

The performances take place at Lille Torv in Aarhus.

19/8: 17.00
20/8: 13.00 and 16.00
21/8: 19.00

Co-created with and performed by: 

Sara-Jeanine Heidenstrom
Laura Feline Ebbesen
Ida Thomsen
Pernille Sorensen
Jon Stage
Brian Degn
Peter Fonss Larsen
Nathalie Wahlberg

Supported by the Obel Family Foundation and 15. Juni Foundation

19th - 21st August

Lille Torv, Aarhus