Andy Holden: Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape

Viborg Kunsthal are proud to present Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape, an exhibition of moving image works by Andy Holden.

Andy Holden uses cartoons to present a very different way of looking at art and the world we live in. Part-lecture, part-documentary, part-conspiracy theory, Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape examines the formation of ‘laws’ within cartoons as a way of making sense of the world we live in. Among many things, it humorously focuses on the physics of the cartoon world, which defy the normal conditions of gravity, force, and velocity. In the film, the artist’s avatar invites the viewer to experience a world where laws such as ‘Everything falls faster than an anvil’ are given the same critical attention as philosophy, physics, and politics.

Viborg Kunsthal present this project alongside others for the Animation Festival in Viborg, which is a feature of the city’s contribution to the Aarhus 2017 programme.

”Combining knowledge of psychoanalysis, the laws of physics, with a wry sense of humour and a love of the elastic, super plastic universe of animation, Andy Holden’s works bring a new, nerdy and affectionate view to an art form that informs our world with a set of imponderable paradoxes and spatial plays. We are so thrilled to be able to add Andy’s project to our intensive look at all things animation in Viborg and to work together with the terrific people at the Viborg Kunsthal once again. Funny, fantastic.... yibby yibby, it’s great folks!” says Juliana Engberg, Programme Director of Aarhus 2017.

The exhibition is presented in the Viborg Kunsthal off site venue in the city centre, at ‘Det gamle Rådhus’, Stænderpladsen 2, Viborg. The premises of the building, which previously functioned as courtrooms, is arranged as an epic labyrinth, that investigates the artist’s theory that cartoon’s can help us to understand the world around us – which Holden finds has increasingly come to resemble a cartoon landscape; A space where anything is possible an a new set of laws have formed.

Pop-up exhibition at Det gamle Rådhus, Stænderpladsen 2, Viborg.
Exhibition period: 10.09.2017 – 22.10.2017

Opening hours
Thursday 13 - 21 
Friday 11 - 17
Saturday 11 - 17
Sunday 11 - 17
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday closed

Extra opening dates
Week 39 and 42:
Monday-Wednesday 10-17
Thursday 13-21
Friday-Sunday 11-17