The Living Table

Part of Little Rebellions
Presented by VILdSKAB and Tina Andersen

You are hereby invited to The Living Table: A sensuous performance to celebrate the intense flavor of life. VILdSKAB presents an innovative piece of performing art where you participate in the making. You will meet in an empty room with a table. Here you will discover that the table talks, and that you have more in common with a pea than you might think. A hostess will guide, entertain and surprise you during the performance; community will be the main course of the evening. You can eat it, listen to it, feel it, talk to it and see it. In the company of the performer Tina Andersen you will investigate the community in safe, yet unusual, settings. A rare sensuous experience where you will be dining with the arts, science and nature.

19. – 21. and 23. - 26. August: 17.00 and 20.00. Buy your ticket here.

Informed when buying the ticket