Tekeraoi am mananga! (Good luck on your journey!)

Part of Little Rebellions
Presented by NextDoor Project

Poetic walking performance – where do you go when your country disappears?

Imagine being driven out from your home country. To wander and roam restlessly around. Because you have no choice. 

This is what the participators in "Tekeraoi am Mananga! (Blessings on your journey)" get to experience in a walking performance. This means that you as a participant move in a group through the city, while you receive stories and instructions via headphones. The walk takes you into the history of the country Kiribati - said to be one of the world’s most dangerous places. This because scientists believe that it will in just 25 years be swallowed up by the ocean - as a consequence of global warming. Dancers, musicians and performers from Denmark and Kiribati guides you through the migrations tale of rootlessness, exhaustion and the dream of a future.

After the performance the participants will be able to debate with Pelenise Alofa who is National Coordinator for the Kiribati Climate Action Network. She is collaborating with the Kiribati government and an active advocate for stopping climate change internationally and in the Pacific region. 

The performance is very poetic and children (+13 years) can easily participate if they speak english. 

The performance lasts for 90 minutes and is in english. 

Tickets can be bought on teaterbilletter.dk, prizes varying from 140 DKK to 40 DKK. 

18.08, time: 17.00 | 19.08, time: 12.00 + 16.00 | 20.08, time: 12.00

The meeting point is in front of Dokk1

Everyone (+13 years)