Senses of Cities

Presented by Hvid Støj Sceneproduktion

Senses of Cities invites children and adults on an exploratory journey into our senses. In 2017 Hvid Støj Sceneproduktion will be travelling around the Central Denmark Region. The five senses are at play in urban spaces with Senses of Cities – an interactive sculptural environment.

The sculpture blinks, sneezes and munches, while you explore the senses outside and inside! Inside the sculpture, you and your family have a new playful experience of smelling, touching, tasting, seeing and hearing before you, and the actors in a musical theatre performance examine many of your everyday sensory inputs. 

And when the whole sensory experience is digested, you are let out with a fart ...!

April - September

Across the region

Everyone over 3 years old