Moving Spaces

Part of Little Rebellions
Presented by Seachange Theatre

It is the city, but not as you know it! Spontaneous events and unexpected interventions occur in city spaces. Aarhus-based performing artists transform the city spaces by means of playful twists and urban apparitions. Presenting sound installations, staged events and visual twists and turns, Moving Spaces opens up, changes and moves your familiar places, giving them a story that will make you stop and laugh, lose your footing, marvel, feel and remember the city in a whole new way.

Moving Spaces is in Aarhus and towns across the region. You never know where you might encounter them. Events are presented in collaboration with local artists and citizens and happen on weekdays, during rush hours, or when everything is at its most boring and predictableon a Wednesday morning at a quarter to 8. But hush! It's a surprise!

Horsens: 28. June - 26. August
Ringkøbing: 14. - 21. August
Aarhus: 18. August – 8. September. 
Silkeborg: From 30. August, permanent installation
Lemvig: 17. October 
Skive: October (date TBA)
Struer: TBA

Various sites in Aarhus and across the region