Human in Balance

Presented by Don Gnu in association with Dance House Lemesos and Bora Bora

As European Cultural Capitals of 2017, Aarhus and Pafos superficially represent polarities in a time of great change in Europe. Europe is at a critical juncture. Some even believe at breaking point. Its borders challenged, and its dream of unification under pressure.

The utopian hope of prosperity for all in the EU is now becoming the nightmare of widespread economic insecurity. There is a disconnect between power politics and the day-to-day life of individuals. Threats of war, of terror attacks and the asymmetrical deployment of vigilantes have created a sense of fear, further fuelled by the politics of protectionism and insularity.

Europe is balanced precariously and we watch its tipping points with anxiety. Humanity is being dissolved in this toxic shock of the new Europe. DON GNU and Dance House Lemesos present an exploration of the European citizen’s condition with Humans in Balance in which they explore the current situation in a work of physical dance theatre that pulsates and dynamically shifts on the 500kg heavy balancing board ‘The Turmoil’.

9th & 10th November

Young people, adults and families

Bora Bora, Aarhus