Erasmus Montanus

An Aarhus 2017 Commission
Presented by Aarhus Theatre in cooperation with Sort/Hvid

After years of studying in Copenhagen, Rasmus Berg returns home to his childhood village. With his arrogant attitude he soon unsettles the villagers, stirs the waters, and adopts the Latin variation of his name ‘Erasmus Montanus’. He makes outrageous claims, such as that the earth is round! And so the scene is set for hilarity.

Erasmus Montanus by Ludvig Holberg, one of the most prominent Nordic writers working in the 1700s, is the classic Danish satire. Provocative and adventurous director, Christian Lollike, gives the play a potent twist in this new commission that updates and reignites some of the key issues of The Enlightenment. Working with a remarkable ensemble cast, Lollike rethinks, discusses and challenges Danish values in a global context, delivering an observation on manners, belief and new thinking.

This special presentation of Erasmus Montanus in collaboration with Sort/Hvid and Aarhus 2017 commemorates the play’s presentation at the inauguration of Aarhus Theater in 1900.

The performances on March 3rd and 10th wil be surtitled to accomodate non-Danish speaking audiences

Playwright: Ludvig Holberg
Adapted and Directed by: Christian Lollike
Scenography: Ida Grarup Nielsen & David Gehrt
Light Design: Anders Kjems
Sound Design: Lars Gaarde
Cast: Andreas Jebro, Lars Brygmann, Lotte Andersen, Ole Thestrup, Anders Baggesen, Zaki Youssef, Nanna Bøttcher, Sofia Nolsøe, Simon Mathew and Andreas Nikolai Petersen

10th February – 1 1th March

Aarhus Theatre

Young people and adults