danceOmatic - Art in the Street

Part of Little Rebellions
Presented by Martin Schultz Kristensen and Meng Ting Liu

Want to watch art that appeals to your inner vibes and needs? Come and choose exactly the type of dance performance that you want to see when danceOmatic comes to town. Through a coin slot activation, in the unique danceautomat™, you can choose from a selection of short dance choreographies and be informed about the different themes of each piece. danceOmatic will present a merging of Taiwanese and Danish culture, where the dancers present performances with music created by musicians who originate from Taiwan or Denmark. On the computer screen you can learn about the theme, the dancers and the style of dance, before you hit the start button. In this way, you can make a selection based on your personal preferences.

Le-Yun Dance Group, Taiwan
Performing Arts Platform, Aarhus

17th August - 1st September

17. August: Silkeborg 20:15-22:15
18. August: Herning 16:00-18:00
19. August: Horsens 12:00-14:00
22. August: Aarhus 16:00-18:00
23. August: Aarhus 16:00-18:00
24. August: Aarhus 16:00-18:00
25. August: Viborg 14:00-16:00 & Kolding 19:00-21:00  
26. August: Hadsten 13:00-15:00
1. September: Fredericia 18:00-20:00

Silkeborg, Herning, Horsens, Aarhus, Viborg, Hadsten, Kolding and Fredericia