Dance Your Neighbour

Presented by Bora Bora and hello!earth

Dance Your Neighbour - a different kind of community party

Rarely, you get the chance to get to know your neighbors in a new way! The international artist group hello!earth visits the village of Skjød in Favrskov Municipality and revives the ancient assembly hall and dance's ancient function as a social gathering place.

A participatory community party created with local residents in the village, based on moments where movement and community have meant something in our lives.
Together with the locals' own stories, we create the present, and our stories will be the starting point for a new kind of community party and a new understanding of our community.
When "Dance Your Neighbour" runs from September 22 to October 4, you will be able to follow the instructions at the frequency of 90.4 between 18:30 and 20:30 - in a radius of 20 kilometer from the Skjød village hall. The local radio has become a framework for the different "dance performance".
"Dance Your Neighbour" is an audience-participatory work, based on the historical function of the assembly house as a gathering place - a place where you meet and share life's moments.

You meet up in Skjød village hall (Skjød Forsamlingshus) and get a pair of headphones. Music sounds and you meet by Radio Dance Your Neighbour. Along with the rest of the audience and listeners at home in the living rooms, you will be guided through the evening's program of Radio Dance Your Neighbour's knowledgeable host. Stories and moments resurface, following the instructions in the headphones, and together we celebrate the small and big moments of life.

NOTE! The show on September 23 will take place in English.

Please note: Free busride from Aarhus to Skjød on September 27 and 28. Bus departs from Bora Bora at 18:00. The performance starts at 19:00 in Skjød. The bus will drive back to Bora Bora after the performance. It is possible to order a sandwich (including a bottle of water) for the bus ride along with the ticket.

22nd September – 4th October

Skjød Forsamlingshus, Hammel