Crisis Loves Company

Part of Little Rebellions
Presented by Teater Fluks

In theatre with a twist, Crisis Loves Company performs in a speakeasy in the basement of Café Englen, Aarhus. Walk in from the street and order a personal and extraordinary experience. Order a beer and a performance, or perhaps a coffee and a dance. Depending on your choice from the performance-menu, you might enjoy your chosen experience in the café, the garden or the intriguing basement. Some performances will be for up to five guests, while others are exclusive one-on-one experiences. Crisis Loves Company combines intimate and performative meetings with the gloomy setting of an illicit bar.

It deals with the ubiquitous theme – crisis. The guests get closer to each other and the performers through intense meetings, so that no one has to deny the crisis alone. Each experience lasts 15-25 minutes, and you can choose one or more. Some will be in English.

Crisis Loves Company
#2: 18th – 20th August

Crisis Loves Company
#3: 9 th – 1 1th November

The opening hours will be: 15-17.00 (16.30) + 20-23.00 (22.30). Last round starts half an hour before closing time.

Price: Acces to one experience, 50kr, acces to three, 100kr. 

Café Englen, Aarhus

Everyone, but not recommended for walking-impaired.