Presented by Bora Bora

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary, Bora Bora proudly presents the acclaimed choreographer Hofesh Shechter's "barbarians" - bringing him to Denmark for the first time.

The infinitely unpredictable Hofesh Shechter presents a sparse world for three wildly different takes on intimacy, passion and the banality of love.

Revealing his choreography at its most elegant and intimate, the highly acclaimed and perturbing "The Barbarians In Love" opens the evening. Trembling with emotion residing within order, six white-clad figures move as one to the strains of an ecclesiastic baroque score. What follows, as two very different works unfold, is a volatile explosion of dubstep grooves in "tHE bAD" – at once joyous and trance-like – and a poignant duet in "Two completely different angles of the same fucking thing" which together complete an evening showcasing the singular and wry voice of their creator and the versatility and talent of his individual dancers.

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superb stuff: juicy, nervy ensembles and a wittily unsettling commentary.
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Hofesh Shechter shines with barbarians
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Before it has even finished, the applause has swept through the room
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21. - 22. February 

Bora Bora