All this Coming and Going

Presented by Teatret Gruppe 38, Trickster-p and Terrapin Puppet Theatre

Coming ashore and going aboard. Unloading and loading. Washing in and slipping out. Floating by and dragging traces.

Teatret Gruppe 38 inaugurates the new harbour district Aarhus Ø together with the celebrated companies Trickster-p, Switzerland, and the Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Australia, along with a number of local partners. All this Coming and Going takes the theatre to the waterfront and invites the public to the harbour to experience how the past and present history of a new city district comes alive, when activated by art. Mobiles, projections, shadows and moving pictures depict what was, and what is yet to come, at the old harbour area.

In 2018, Teatret Gruppe 38 will relocate to Aarhus Ø and an impressive new theatre will become home.

30th August - 2nd September

Aarhus Ø