A Place in Your Heart

Presented by Syddjurs Egnsteater, Teaterhuset Filuren and Nordtrøndelag Teater

A Place in Your Heart tells the tale of faithfulness, hope and devotion in sometimes unbearable circumstances. Stretching over 115 years and told through the medium of love letters kept in a musical box, this heartfelt theatrical story shows that despite distance and opposition love survives.

Beginning in the year 1830, three stories unfold and form the background for more fictionalised narratives. A Manor House on Djursland, the last voyage to the West Indies of the tall-ship, ‘Fregatten Jylland’ and a 2nd World War concentration camp provide the settings for these remarkable tales of enduring passion.

A Place in Your Heart merges all three stories into one new performance in a tale of timeless love, unbound by place and circumstance, to form a universal narrative of hope. Including special sound compositions that float from the musical box, we experience a soundtrack that plays in tempo with the pain of loss and the ecstasy of love.

9th September

Rønde, Syddjurs

Young people