Rethink the Village

Presented by Favrskov Municipality

Rethink the Village is a framework for development projects in villages and rural districts, working with the themes ‘Sustainability and Community’, ‘Village Clusters’, and ‘Residents budgeting within a cultural framework’.

By taking the strengths of rural districts as its point of departure, Rethink the Village will generate projects and direct dialogue between villages. With the slogan ‘We can make it happen – because we live in the village!’, the project demonstrates why it can be as good to reside in a village as in a big town.

18 villages and village clusters will use networking, experience and inspiration to test how to use the unique cultures and conditions of village life for a better future. Village communities will use their yearly village fair as a forum to exchange ideas and establish new partnerships.

Download programme for the event "Experience the Village"

1st September – 31st October

Various villages across the region