Presented by Radar

In 2017 it will be possible to experience live music in new ways when Radar explores, challenges and re-thinks the concept of a 'venue'. We work with partners in the fields of visual art, architecture, filmmaking, design and technology to create new ways to experience live music. We explore meetings between music, poetry, dance, and film.Radar has developed a modular stage and auditorium, allowing its facilities to present every show in the best possible way. 

Together with the Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction at Aarhus University, Radar has developed an in-house multichannel sound system – the 'Audio Canvas' – as a tool for creating and presenting soundscapes, sound art and sound design by national and international artists. By rethinking the live music venue additional layers of creative experience are added to every show at Radar, allowing the artist to encompass the whole venue as a space for expression.

January and happening all year

Radar, Aarhus