Sunleif Rasmussen

An Aarhus 2017 Commission

More Fair Than the Sun - Aarhus 2017 Fanfare
Performed by Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and Choir

Inspired by that most Danish of elements – the wind – and the ancient mythological texts from The Elder Edda, acclaimed Faroese composer Sunleif Rasmussen has created a fanfare for our year that begins from almost nothing and builds to a beautiful climax.

The Fanfare consists of four movements. The first is sung in Old Norse and imagines the time before the creation of the World. The second and third parts are sung in Danish and depict the Sun, the Moon and the Stars finding their place in the World, and Glitnir the House of Justice in gold and silver. The fourth part is sung in English and describes Gimle the building with the golden roof, the hall of peace where people go to live after Ragnarok; a place More Fair Than the Sun.

The Fanfare will be played in different settings: one for symphonic orchestra, choir, lurs and bagpipes; one for wind instruments, percussion and choir; and one for brass instruments, percussion and choir. The music takes the listeners from the silence of the void before time to the glory of humans living peacefully together.

Supported by Købmand Herman Sallings Fond

21st January

Musikhuset Aarhus