An Aarhus 2017 Commission in cooperation with Dansk Komponist Forening, DJBFA Komponister og Sangskrivere, Danske Populærautorer 

An eminent jury of peers has awarded the Swiss sound composer, Andres Bosshard, the prestigious commission to create his sound project, SonicArk, which will be presented during European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

SonicArk is sensuous, sensational, emotional, memorable and timeless. It is a unique and poetic work that will involve and move many people in a completely unique way. SonicArk will result from public recording sessions with many interactive performers in and around Aarhus.

The work is composed with the following scenarios: Birth of a Child; The Flying Orchestra; Breath of the Future; Murmurmar or the Fleet of Swimming Choirs; The Garden of Languages; The Sound House of the Blind and The Factory of Memories.

Each sound iteration, some created as live public events, others more intimately captured, are merged into a major sound composition that will evolve over the year. Bosshard will continue to mix and re-mix his composition, ensuring that the pulse of life caught in his recordings remains vivid, responsive and multitemporal.

Supported by Købmand Herman Sallings Fond and Pro Helvetia.

Download SonicArk booklet

Various events from 12th October 2016 - 12th August 2017

Various sites in Aarhus